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  • Biopolymers in the Prevention of Dental Erosion
    Sotres, Javier Eds: Ruso, Juan M.; Messina, Paula V. Malmö University. Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces  
    Book chapter in Biopolymers for Medical Applications : CRC Press (2016)
    Book chapter
  • Ex-Vivo Force Spectroscopy of Intestinal Mucosa Reveals the Mechanica... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Sotres, Javier; Jankovskaja, Skaidre; Wannerberger, Kristin; Arnebrant, Thomas Malmö University. Biofilms - Research Center for Biointerfaces  
    Journal article in Scientific Reports; : Springer Nature (2017)
    Journal article
  • Quantitative phase-contrast imaging : A potential tool for future can...
    Gjörloff Wingren, Anette  
    Journal article in Cytometry Part A;8 : Wiley (2017)
    Journal article
  • Factors contributing to serious adverse events in nursing homes
    Andersson, Åsa; Frank, Catharina; Willman, Ania M L; Sandman, Per-Olof; Hansebo, Görel  
    Journal article in Journal of Clinical Nursing; : Wiley (2017)
    Journal article
  • Hip fracture; an interruption that has consequences four months later...
    Gesar, Berit; Baath, Carina; Hedin, Hanne; Hommel, Ami  
    Journal article in International Journal of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing; : Elsevier (2017)
    Journal article



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