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  • Relationship between Structure and Fluctuations of Lipid Nonlamellar ...
    Nylander, Tommy; Soltwedel, Olaf; Ganeya, Marina; Hirst, Christopher; Holdaway, James; Arteta, Marianna Yanez; Wadsäter, Maria; Barauskas, Justas; Frielinghaus, Henrich; Holderer, Olaf  
    Journal article in Journal of Physical Chemistry B;13 : American Chemical Society (2017)
    Journal article
  • Being disconnected from life : meanings of existential loneliness as ...
    Sjöberg, Marina; Beck, Ingela; Rasmussen, Birgit H; Edberg, Anna-Karin  
    Journal article in Aging & Mental Health; : Routledge (2017)
    Journal article
  • Hierarchically templated beads with tailored pore structure for phosp... fulltext OA Fulltext
    Wierzbicka, Celina; Torsetnes, Silje B.; Jensen, Ole N.; Shinde, Sudhirkumar; Sellergren, Börje  
    Journal article in RSC Advances;28 : Royal Society of Chemistry (2017)
    Journal article
  • Quo Vadis, Implanted Fuel Cell?
    Shleev, Sergey  
    Review article in ChemPlusChem;4 : Wiley (2017)
    Review article
  • An alternative anionic bio-sustainable anti-fungal agent: Investigati...
    Stenbæk, Jonas; Löf, David; Falkman, Peter; Jensen, Bo; Cárdenas, Marité  
    Journal article in Journal of Colloid and Interface Science; : Elsevier (2017)
    Journal article

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