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Research publications from Malmö University published in MUEP are indexed in SwePub, Google Scholar, Scopus, and other research publication sites. You can buy printed copies from Malmö University Publications Webshop (in Swedish).

If you are a researcher at Malmo University you are welcome to publish your work in MUEP. Read more: Forskarpublicering i MUEP.

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Recent Submissions

  • Teachers’ Interpretation of Mathematics Goals in Swedish Preschools
    Delacour, Laurence Eds: Meaney, Tamsin; Helenius, Ola; Johansson, Maria L; Lange, Troels; Wernberg, Anna  
    Book chapter in Mathematics Education in the Early Year : Results from the POEM2 Conference, 2014;5 : Springer (2016)
    Book chapter
  • Ubiquitous Computing, Complexity and Culture
    Eds: Ekman, Ulrik; Bolter, Jay David; Díaz, Lily; Søndergaard, Morten; Engberg, Maria  : Routledge (2016) Book
  • MRX: an interdisciplinary framework for mixed reality experience desi...
    Rouse, Rebecca; Engberg, Maria; JafariNaimi, Nassim; Bolter, Jay David  
    Magazine article in Digital Creativity;3-4 : Taylor & Francis (2015)
    Magazine article
  • Purposeful Learning Across Collaborative Educational Spaces fulltext
    Cerratto Pargman, Teresa; Otero, Nuno; Milrad, Marcelo; Spikol, Daniel; Knutsson, Ola; Ramberg, Robert Eds: Polman, Joseph L.; Kyza, Eleni A.; O'Neil, D. Kevin; Tabak, Iris; Penuel, William; Jurow, A. Susan; O'Connor, Kevin; Lee, Tiffany; D'Amico, Laura Malmö University. Internet of Things and People Research Centre (IOTAP)  
    Conference article in Learning and becoming in practice: the international conference of the learning sciences (ICLS) 2014 : proceedings volume 3; : International Society of the Learning Sciences Serie: Proceedings (International Conference of the Learning Sciences); (2014)
    Conference article

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